November 04, 2009

Unexpected Gift

Last week we received a mysterious package in the mail. It was from our friends David and Elena. Everyone gathered around eagerly to see what was inside. And Aviana was so incredibly pleased to discover that is was an adorable outfit just her size.

She has many ideas as to why they sent it and she has worn it or at least put it on and admired it for a few minutes almost every day since she got it.

She immediately gushed that she must send a thank you card. She originally asked me if I could write the words she wanted to say so that it would look super pretty and that she would draw a picture. But then she decided that she needed to write the words herself.

Although she only wanted to send the card to Elena, because "only girls wear dresses, so it's only from Elena". Who knew?

So cute! She is one happy little girl!

1 comment:

DK said...

So glad it fits! It looks great on Aviana!