October 06, 2009

Gifts in the Mail

I just wanted to share a few of the pictures from Alidia opening up those birthday packages that came in the mail. Thank you so much. Alidia made thank you cards promptly, but I of course have misplaced most of them, so maybe one of these days they'll get put in the mail.

Her photo book.

Her dress with matching dolly dress, which she wore for days on end and I had to wash while she was sleeping.

Dancing like crazy with her giant card.

New pajamas.

An outfit to match "Nana".

A little figurine of bunnies.

With all those nice gifts I'm not sure what she really had to cry about. But she found something I guess.

1 comment:

danc said...

Thank you for sharing your days! It means so much to Grandpa Dan and Me! We love you and think of you often! BE blessed and be a blessing!
Much Love
Grandma Darlene