June 19, 2009

The World

We've been busy the last few weeks with trips to Eugene, graduations, weddings, a camping trip at the beach, and several strawberry picking excursions. Most of these endeavors we've left the camera at home knowing our hands would be busy with children, but the other night I drug the camera along as we went downtown to see The World.

We parked on the East side of the river and walked across the bridge, which was the most terrifying experience of my children's lives. I had no idea they would panic so much, but being trapped on a narrow sidewalk full of zooming bicyclists, sandwiched between a busy traffic lane and a bar railing to the river below, while wearing flip-flops that at any moment (according to Cole) could just fall right off and drop into the river...... well, it was more than their little hearts could take.

So with the baby in the backpack and one kid in each hand I forged ahead, half-dragging them across the bridge. About halfway across, Jeremy calls to find out where we are and in the shuffle of pulling out the phone, still holding on to hands and moving to the side away from the bikes, a piece of the camera popped off and rolled down the sidewalk plunging into the river.

Instant hysteria ensued. Jeremy was stressing out on the telephone...What do you mean...you're joking right?"

Cole and Aviana are beside themselves, knowing that they are the next thing to go over the edge and Alidia is all the while figuring out how she can pull herself up and out of the backpack.

All that being said..... I think Jeremy had the right idea in not bringing the camera along on all our other excursion or anytime you really don't have enough hands to hold every thing.

We finally made it across, found Jeremy and went to see The World. And by The World I mean a 12 story condominium cruise liner that literally floats around the world. It leaves Portland today, headed back out to Astoria and then North from there. Tons of people were taking pictures of it, but Jeremy was still embarrassed by my photos.

Now if Jeremy hadn't called me the paparazzi and taken my camera away you would have seen some pictures of people looking out over their private balconies or pulling up to the ship in their chauffeured vehicles. But if you want that I guess you'll have to go down there yourself, sorry.

It was pretty cool, definitely not something you get to see everyday and worth the terror of the bridge ordeal...at least to me, maybe not the kids. Oh yeah and to top off the evening the kids had to use the bathroom so desperately after the treacherous walk back to the car that we had to shimmy down the side of the boat dock and let the kids do their business there or else face disaster on the drive home.

All in all, a fun family outing!


wendy said...

You are hilarious! Well told!

Sarah said...

wow that sounds like a lot of fun!