June 12, 2009

This dynamic duo has kept me on my toes the past week.

Alidia and I spent a few hours together at Urgent Care on Saturday night down in Eugene when she took a tumble out of a chair and onto the one and only pile of rocks in my sister's giant backyard. Aside from giant goose eggs on the back of her head and sheer annoyance at being kept awake until the doctor saw her, she was just fine.

A few days later Aviana decided to take a head dive off the top of the play structure. The impact wasn't what scared me (she was leaning so far over the edge that it wasn't even too terribly high of a fall) but the way her body cranked back over her head didn't look too good. Since I was babysitting a friend I didn't have enough car seats to get to the doctor if I needed to, so I of course called 911 and their was much excitement as the fire truck arrived and 6 firemen came traipsing through the house. Aviana glared at them as they attempted to get past her kicking feet and close enough to look at her. They never really did get a good look at her, but she was oblivious of the incident and back on top of the playground within the hour.

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wendy said...

I saw a kid do that body-backwards-over-head thing once and it freaked me out! But the kid got up, got her bearings and was off again! Kids are pretty stretchy, I guess. I think it's because they don't have the fear factor that makes they tighten everything up when they fall. Glad everyone's ok... are you? :)