June 11, 2009

Rose Parade

The Rose Festival Parade has become one of our favorite family traditions since we moved to Portland. When else do you get a chance to play hopscotch in the middle of Burnside??

Or lay down and have your body traced with sidewalk chalk!

Alidia knew that was an opportunity not to be missed!

The parade is about to begin! Aviana was ecstatic. Cole ran up and down the street telling everyone they needed to sit down and get ready. No one listened, except Alidia, who ran along behind him yelling "Parade, Parade!"

In their seats and ready!

Alidia was a little leery of all the drums in the marching bands. (She's not a fan of loud noises.)

And Aviana was in awe of "all the pretty things", especially the Beauty and the Beast float.

Cole was mad because he left his camera in the car.

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