May 27, 2009

Yet another new chicken

Aviana's 2nd chicken turned out to be a rooster. So we had to trade him in for yet another new one. She was pretty heart broken and there have been many tears. But she's adjusting to the new one.

First she had to round up the old one, which was no easy feat. Then we boxed him up and gave him away. And then she cried...a lot. At least a lot more than I was expecting.

Then we drove out past Boring on Friday afternoon amidst all the holiday travelers...and Aviana picked out her new chicken. She wanted a white chicken, but when we got there she changed her mind and decided on a "gold" one. I wish I had taken the camera so that you could have seen her standing in this giant coop surrounded by 40+ full grown chickens. She just walked right in, looked around for a while exclaiming how beautiful they all were, and then suddenly plucked one out of the crowd as if it were the easiest thing in the world to do.

We came home and she let her out of the box with much affection and care.

She made sure to introduce her to the dog and to give her lots of loving before introducing her to her new chicken friends.

She surveyed the yard, looking for a good place to let her roam while we let out the other two chickens.

There was a little bit of feather ruffling at first between the three.

But Aviana made sure to keep a close eye on them as they got acquainted.

Everyone seems happy with the new arrangement. And now we are waiting anxiously for the first egg.

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Sarah said...

so how did you know it was a rooster? it still looks like a chicken to me in that first picture. did it crow?