April 13, 2009

Sick Day

Today we were supposed to go and see a play downtown, but plans changed when Cole spent the majority of the day lying in bed or throwing up. Fortunately Jeremy had planned to work from home for the morning and go to the play with us, so I had some extra help in keeping the girls entertained and keeping Cole comfortable.

It's always so interesting to watch the dynamics of the kids change when one is sick. Since Cole is usually the dominating force of the day's plans it took a little time for the girls to get into trouble this morning. First they sat and observed the phenomenon of Cole lying helplessly on the couch, Alidia took great pleasure in re-enacting the motion of vomiting into the bucket (although Cole got pretty irate at her for "laughing at him"), Aviana sat with him for a while (by his request) and then they realized that they didn't have to just sit there while he was sick.

They took off to the backyard, but not until Aviana made sure that they had matching warm sweatshirts on. They gave Jeremy a heart attack climbing on the unfinished playground and then harassed the chickens as much as they could until I swept them off to the pool while Cole rested. They had a ball at the pool and Aviana enjoyed teaching Alidia how to blow bubbles in the water and they took turns standing under a big bucket of water that tips down on your head every 30 seconds or so. Shrieks of excitement ensued...every time.

**Cole is feeling much better now, we think he must have just eaten something that upset his tummy.**

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