April 16, 2009

Playing with a puppy

Ever since we went to my aunt's house to visit her new puppy it is all Alidia can talk about. She constantly asks, "See Puppy?" and if I say "Yes, we'll go see the puppy again soon", she gets her shoes and heads for the door. So Tuesday we decided to go visit the puppy again. The first time we stopped by my aunt wasn't home, which resulted in shrieks of despair from the backseat because Alidia did not understand why were leaving without seeing the puppy. We were able to stop back later and have a few minutes visiting and the girls were so excited.

Being just a little puppy she jumps and nips quite a bit. But Aviana was prepared. She wore pants this time instead of a skirt and informed me that the clothes she wore were ones that she didn't mind the dog touching.

Alidia even crossed over the gate to pet her, although she really just liked to watch her from a safe distance on the other side of the little gate or through the window on the back door into the yard. Either way, she was quite pleased to visit the puppy.

Cole, however, is not a fan of small dogs or dogs that lick, or dogs that jump, or dogs that bark. This is a puppy, it fits all those categories. He was happy to stay in the other room, engrossed in Lego heaven.

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