April 14, 2009

Playground Progress

In the last two weeks we've been able to get a little bit of building done on the playground. There have been a few snippets of sun and we've tried to take advantage of them. Fortunately the kids are fairly entertained by chasing the chickens around that they don't get into too much trouble with all of the power tools and boards lying around. Although I know we will be short a few washers when we get to the end because those apparently make good "quarters" with which to purchase chickens from one another.

We made some good progress due to our little hammer helpers, but then we split a board in half and got held up for a day or two.....

.......As you can see we're back on track now though and once we get the rest of the fort built it should be done on no time. The majority of the extra pieces (slide, rock, wall, etc.) are already built and just waiting to be attached. Cole has been testing their durability to make sure they are safe before we connect them.

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