April 15, 2009

Easter Package

After returning home from a busy day with friends we found a note in the mailbox saying that we had missed a package. Cole was sure the package was for him and so we flagged down the mailman when we saw him walking just down the street. He promised to bring the package by in a few minutes and Cole waited anxiously at the window for his arrival.

Opening the package was some good motivation for them to get their toys picked up in the living room and when that was all done and daddy got home (it took that long for them to clean their toys out of the living room) they sat at the kitchen table waiting for the contents to be revealed.

Alidia didn't really enjoy the cleaning up aspect too much, which is funny because she's usually the best at helping with that. Instead she sat perched atop the box trying to pry the sides open to see what it was about this big brown thing that had her siblings so excited.

As each item came out of the box, they scrambled to see what it was and to determine who each item was intended for.

Aviana wanted to model her new dress.

Cole wanted to show the new Bible Story book.

And Alidia really wanted the markers.

Thank you for the gifts Grandpa Dan, Grandma Darlene, Beth and Ruth. Happy Easter!

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