April 06, 2009


Alidia is finally starting to have a bit more confidence when it comes to being around the chickens. She thinks they are hilarious to watch, enjoys chasing them with her sister and petting them if mommy is holding them. Although I have seen her attempt to pet them on her own once or twice.

When we open up the coop she sticks her head right in the door and tells them "hi chickens" and refuses to move until they try to squeeze too close to her to get out the door.
When it's time to round them up she takes great pleasure in pretending she is going to catch one, but backs off if they get too close to her hands.

Her new favorite books are any and all that have pictures of chickens in them and she will carry the book around the house showing anyone who will listen where the chickens are. Although every other animal in the world is still a "doggy" and she gets very angry if you try to tell her otherwise.

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Der Fanatiker said...

Love it, bless that girl. Hi Chickens!