February 09, 2009

Weekend Project

We started the kids' playground this weekend.....I think this is the first of a long series of posts laying out the progress of the playground.

We knew it would be a big project, we didn't take into account the fact that it's way to freezing to be outside for very long with the kids who are desperately anxious to help. We also didn't take into account that this is not a project for little helpers and their constant moving around of wood pieces that were being meticulously measured and labeled and the snitching of tools and hardware to "play building" with were a little more than our patience levels could handle at times.

Since a free day is rare around here for Jeremy we've realized that this is going to have to be a project that is completed a little piece at a time.

The first day we only had about an hour after we got all the tools we needed from friends' houses and the hardware store and got everyone bundled up to go outside. Then Jeremy opened up the manual...........

and it went downhill from there. Just Kidding.

It was then that we realized that our anxious little helpers needed to back up and stop touching EVERYTHING or else we were going to run into problems down the road with missing parts or other confusion.

We worked for a bit, but then everyone was cold and hungry and the excitement wore off when they realized it wasn't going to be finished that night.

Sunday we spent the majority of baby's nap time measuring and labeling all of the wood and putting together the pieces that we could in the warmth of the house. Our room was soon overrun with tools and pieces of cedar (which I can't complain about becasue the wood smelled really nice).

We put together the slide, the steps, and the rock wall, while the kids entertained themselves with the rare treat of Prince Caspian and whatever snacks would keep them happy and sitting in the chair.

If we get a few opportunities like yesterday to work on the playground it shouldn't take too long to build.....I'll keep you posted.

*The playground was a Christmas present from Grandpa Dan and Grandma Darlene who are in Georgia. I'm laying out all the details of the project so that they can see it in progress, just in case some of you were wondering why you get to hear all about it.


danc said...

WOW! The weather isn't helping you out too much! Wish you were here this weekend it was 70 degrees outside!! We know it's a lot of work (sorry) but what an adventure! You'll have memories to last a life time! Give each other a big hug and sweet kiss from Grandma Darlene! PS> Have a great SUPER Valentine's day Did you get your special package yet?

_ said...

It came this afternoon, Thank You!

They wanted to get straight back to work on the playground when they saw the toolbelts. :)