February 17, 2009

We are the Champions

This weekend was the St. Paul's Tournament. One of the biggest events of the eighth grade. A weekend that you look forward to growing up and look back on fondly as you get older. This year my little sister is in the eighth grade and we wouldn't have missed watching her play for anything. Nope not even my sick and throwing up children could cause me to miss that championship game. Congratulations Molly, you were awesome!

It brought back sweet memories.......


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness! Those were the days!!! I wish I would have known--totally would have gone to support Miss Bohrer!!!

Oh the memories ;-)

Christine said...

Sounds like you've been taking care of sick little ones too... :( Wow, it seems like a lifetime since we were in that tournament. I'm glad you were there for Molly!