February 03, 2009


For the last week or so we have been learning about Space. Since all Cole wants to talk about is Star Wars, we decided to capitalize on the obsession and explore the subject in depth (hopefully he'll get so sick of space that he'll give up Star Wars all together.....maybe....I can dream, right?)

Well, anyway we've been to the library to check out books on space, drawn diagrams of the planets in orbit, we're planning to visit the planetarium next week. We discovered different phases of the moon (Aviana's favorite is the crescent and Cole's is gibbous). We just started the first layer for our paper mache planets and the front window is covered with their self-made construction paper solar system.

Their favorite things about the planets:
Saturn, I mean come on the rings are cool!
Jupiter, because it is so big, bigger than the sun Aviana argued. (Which is true if you are looking at the solar system they made themselves.)
Mars, because robots have been there.
Neptune's moon Triton, one of the books we read said it has pink snow. Now I have no idea if that is true, but that's what the book said and they thought that was awesome!
And last but not least Pluto, even though it is only a dwarf planet, it still earned a special place in their heart and they are sure they can see it at night so they always point it out to me.

Now, these two rarely want to pose for a picture when prompted, so here they are bonking heads instead of sitting in front of their solar system. Oh well.

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