February 20, 2009

Introducing Princess Leia Isabel Cox

The newest member of the family, named by none other than Cole himself. Also goes by Izzy (Aviana), Baby (Alidia) or The Chicken (Jeremy). We went to the feed store to get all set up for her two chicken sisters that we will be getting on Sunday. We had planned to get a Rhode Island Red later in the week, but since we were already there I decided on a whim to just pick one up today. They could hardly contain their excitement to get her out and play with her as soon as we got home. For a while I was a little worried that she would pass out from over stimulation.....it's still possible. But I think they are going to be just fine with her. Alidia may be a little rough at times, but after a close encounter with her flapping out of her box onto Alidia's lap today I think a little distance has suddenly been created between them. If anyone can love a chicken too much it will be Aviana. She kisses her constantly and always has to pick her up to hug her goodbye and to ensure that everyone else has an opportunity to kiss and hug her as well. Cole likes her for sure, but he much prefers her in the box and not in his hands where she might "scratch him, poke him with her beak, or poop on him". They are diligent watchkeepers and let me know every time she eats, drinks, steps in her food or water dish, goes to sleep, wakes up, or poops. And every time she poops they insist that the entire newspaper lining of her box be changed. This will be the cleanest chicken in town or we'll run out of newspaper trying.

A mini clip of Alidia:

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Lisa said...

How cute! Last spring we got ducks, but they flew away. I'm hoping someday do have chickens. What good memories for you kids.