January 31, 2009


Every once in a while Jeremy has a wrestling match too far away to ride his bike and too inconvenient to take the bus and it is then, and only then that I endure an evening of loud gymnasiums, sweaty high school kids, disgusting concession snacks (that are beloved by my children) and rude, crazy sports mothers....... I mean to say it is only on those rare occasions that the kids and I get the wonderful opportunity to get out and support Jeremy on the mat.........

OK, well either way, sometimes we go and watch and the kids are pretty entertaining while we're there. They have yet to go to a match and not find some other little person in search of playmates to explore with under the bleachers, race toy cars across the gym with, or to reenact violent scenes from Star Wars, Narnia and said playmates favorite movie.

The other fun part is climbing way up to the top of the bleachers and then jumping up and down repeatedly and attempting to give me a heart attack every time they trip.

But their favorite part is fighting over Cole's camera..............wait, I mean taking lots of pictures, of course.

*They take good pictures, although we do have many random pictures of the floor, the ceiling, the baby's face extremely close up, and of course plenty of Aviana's fingers.

**Also, while watching wrestling is somewhat painful at times, it has been neat this season to see how much Jeremy has improved since we last watched him and to get a chance to see him in action at some super high intensity Varsity matches, which is most often when the crazy rude mothers rear their ugly heads.

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wendy said...

I want to see pictures of those crazy rude mothers rearing their ugly heads!!