January 06, 2009

We're finally settling down after all of the chaos that surrounded Christmas here in Portland. The kids are getting back into their normal routines and bedtimes and attitudes. New toys are finding places to live in overcrowded bedrooms and old toys are figuring out where they stand in the hearts of fickle pre-schoolers. All those cookies I never got around to baking are being slowly baked, eaten, and treasured a little more because they aren't coming all at once like they would have if I'd had time the week of Christmas. Gifts that didn't get sent due to the snowstorm are still waiting to be sent.

But the New Year is here and there are so many things on the horizon that we can't help but be excited. I will hopefully get caught up on the important things I haven't finished from the holidays (like actually sending those gifts) but most of the things that were missed this year will have to just be missed and that's ok.

We did get to catch ZooLights the night before it closed. It was very chilly, but it didn't rain or snow on us and the kids adored the train ride. Plus we got to see Sam (the baby elephant) and Aviana is always excited about that!

And the kids' playground came the other day! It is sitting on the back patio waiting far more patiently than Cole is for Jeremy to have a free weekend to put it together.

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stephcox05 said...

Wow! They have grown so much! Oh,I miss all of you so much, and so does Grampa Dan,He talks about them all the time! Kiss the kids for us. We love you, Love aunt Steph and Uncle Zach