November 12, 2008


Yes, I realize that Halloween was two weeks ago, but I'm really just that slow lately. We were out of town and then I was sick and then everyone else got sick and then we got this great idea to rearrange our bedroom without thinking about the length of our cable cord, so at last I am reconnected to the Internet and here to give you a little glimpse of the crazy kids on Halloween!

Cole was a centaur, half-horse, half-man. If your not familiar with them go rent one of the Narnia movies. After a few weeks of stress over how in the world I was going to make a centaur costume a friend came to the rescue with a horse costume that we were able to chop up and turn into a centaur. Halloween morning he changed his mind and opted for a pirate costume for the morning outings (he wanted to be like his cousin). But a little coaxing from a very irritated mommy that evening got him back into his centaur costume for the trick-or-treating. He's always been a fan of this as long as none of the people have small dogs. He is absurdly afraid of small dogs and would not go to the door of houses where he could see a small dog in the window. Such a brave Narnia warrior.

Aviana was a cookie. Not just any cookie, she was a brown cookie with pink frosting. Nobody could tell what she was, but she still got lots of compliments. All those fluffy feathers (frosting) bouncing around as she strutted down the street were pretty hilarious so it didn't really matter what she was supposed to be. She quickly took charge of the group, was the first to reach the front door at every house, and proceeded to pop her head up and down to see in the window if the people were coming fast enough. (Which again was a crack up with the bouncing feathers!) She even was so bold as to inform one elderly woman that there was a nice little spider web on her porch. I think she was trying to be polite and just thought it was a neat observation, the poor woman was a bit embarrassed. (And not to worry, the small dogs didn't even slow her down.)

Alidia was Piglet. At first she thought this whole costume thing was a bit maddening. She didn't like the hood and her bucket kept falling apart as she tried to walk. Then somehow walking down the sidewalk and dragging a bucket behind you started to seem really funny to her. She was so far behind the rest of the group that by the time she made it to any one's door the people were already gone, which just made the whole experience even funnier to her. I think she thought we were just walking around looking at closed doors. When she did get some candy in her bucket she would stop and sit on the sidewalk and take it all out, investigate the shiny wrappers and then hand them off to me as if they were a nuisance filling up her little pull toy (aka candy bucket). I do think she had fun though as she was absolutely worn out when we got to Grandma's house.

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Tabitha said...

Those pictures are too cute! The one of Alidia sleeping as piglet is the best!