August 09, 2008

Flying Squirrels and Dancing Chickens

Everyone likes jumping on the bed, right? We've decided it's probably safer to allow some structured, parent monitored bed-jumping time every once in a while rather than ban it completely and risk someone getting hurt when we're not around. So the other night the kids were leaping off the bed and into my arms and Jeremy was able to snag a few photos of them in mid-flight. The pictures totally capture the true essence of each of the kids.

Notice Cole is a little hesitant in his leap, mom had to move in closer and his eyes are squeezed shut.

Now on the other end of the spectrum is Aviana, stretched straight out, absolutely fearless. She kept telling me to move further back and her eyes were wide open in most of the pictures we ended up taking!

Now for the dancing chickens.....

I was trying to get a clip of Aviana (in the purple top) because the first time they did this dance in class it was hilarious. She wasn't as into it today as she was the first time. And I didn't even realize until later that Cole made sure his presence was known in the first video by jumping around behind her! (he's in the orange shirt))

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