July 03, 2008

Package in the Mail

Yesterday the kids were filled with crazed excitement as they ran screaming up the stairs to me that they had just seen someone leave a package on the front porch. (Not to worry, that someone was just the mailman.) We drug the box in the house and after explaining to Cole that it was probably not for him, despite his certainty that it had to be for him, we tore into it. As I suspected it was birthday gifts for Aviana. (Of course Cole was right and there was something for him as well.) So here are some pictures of the contents of the box being put to use by their grateful recipients.

A big THANK YOU to Grandpa Dan, Grandma Darlene, Aunt Beth and Aunt Ruth.

Preparing to open the box after lunch, there was no time for face washing Aviana insisted!

Checking out the new book, the puppets were quickly whisked away by the others.

A pretty little girl in a pretty little dress!

Jumping Bean!

Cool new swim shorts.

Baby girl in baby blue, doesn't get much sweeter than that....

...unless you zoom in!

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stephcox05 said...

Wow! they are getting Big. Thank you for keeping up with the pictures I know that it means alot to me and dad. Love y'all, Aunt Steph